BGG Hall of Fame

I’m a Hall of Famer! Well, in the geek sense. And we’re talking the hard core nooks and crannies of geekdom…yes, board game photography. My submission to the October 2009 BGG Image Contest grabbed 1st place with 207 thumbs and gave me just enough points to elevate me as the 2nd member of the BGG Photographer Hall of Fame. It’s been a long haul over the last two and a half years. I don’t take that many photos but I try hard to compose each one specifically for the image contest. Weird yes but oddly satisfying.

Here are the images that I uploaded to the image contest on my quest for the Hall of Fame.

February 2007 – Taluva (pre Hall of Fame point system)

February 2008 – El Grande

July 2008 – Inkognito

August 2008 – My homemade cherry dice tower

September 2008 – Lexio

May 2009 – Dos Rios

October 2009 – Endeavor

Thanks for all the thumbs over the years and I hope the quality of the submissions keeps going up. If the latest contest is any indication, the remaining contestants are in for some stiff competition. I’m not allowed to participate any more but I look forward to thumbing those images. Keep up the good work.

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