Some Older Titles

I pulled out Java tonight and played a few rounds for three in solo mode. It’s been a very long time since I’ve played but the richness of the experience came back very quickly. My recent game night featured Mexica and with the “mask trilogy” juices flowing I just couldn’t resist blowing off the dust and seeing if it still felt like it did. I remember it feeling heavy, thinky, analysis paralysis prone, and relatively complicated. But with so many different games under my belt now, it’s really not that complicated. Now, playing well is another matter but the mechanics are downright straightforward. I need to get this to the table soon.

I’ve recently turned on a chess-playing coworker to Hive and his mentioning today that his order was on the way got me thinking about other two-player games that he might like. I’m not much of a 2-player abstract lover and unfortunately I don’t have any of the Gipf Project Series in my collection so I opted for pulling out Santorini for a quick run through and a solo play refresher. Taking it into work and see if he likes it.

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