Ingenious,, Sophisticated Games, and Kosmos

In July I was contacted by the Marketing Director of Sophisticated Games, the original publisher of Ingenious. He’d seen and played my online implementation of Ingenious and was convinced that it provided a needed “try before you buy” experience for his customers.

He introduced me to a member of the editorial department at Kosmos and over the course of a few weeks and numerous emails, the three of us discussed how best to position my implementation of Ingenious as the official “try before you buy” implementation for prospective customers for the two companies. We agreed that I would host the implementation at and we would create bidirectional links to the game from all three sites.

However, before we could finalize the agreement, the implementation needed to provide multi-language support (namely German). So, over the last few weeks, I’ve changed the code so that the initial splash screen provides two language options (depicted as country flags) and when selected, the language content of the game changes appropriately. Given my changes, I can support any number of languages quite easily so if you would like another language supported, please send the suggestion my way.

I’d like to thank the efforts of my Sophisticated Games and Kosmos partners for their efforts at working through, at times, the rather mundane details but persevering through my incessant questions, i-dotting, and t-crossing. I’m proud of the results and I’m convinced the user experience has been greatly enhanced. I look forward to working with Sophisticated Games and Kosmos in the future whenever the need arises and in whatever capacity is deemed appropriate.

Enjoy the new version and, as usual, please reload your javascript by pressing F5, deleting your browser cache, or whatever is appropriate for the browser you use. Doing so will guarantee that you are running with latest code base.

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