The games are coming, the games are coming…

One is by land…a whole bunch by air…

Way back in early April, I gathered a few game orders from a couple of people in my gaming group and placed an order that included Dominion Intrigue from Intrigue was a preorder which would hold up shipment but given the expected release date, we’d only have to wait about a month.

May came and went…and then June came and went. But today I checked and the order had shipped! So on Monday, I’ll be getting my copy of Intrigue, Caylus Magna Carta, Catagena (I), and Medici.

As if that wasn’t enough already, a recent trade I made with a gamer in Pennsylvania (giving up Galaxy Trucker for an out of print, Pro Ludo, in-shrink copy of Keythedral) should also arrive on Monday. It’ll be like Christmas.

I guess I should also mention that with Keythedral, my collection reaches 125 games. Small by comparison to the real go-getters on BGG but, relatively speaking, firmly planted in the land of the sick for the general population. Welcome to my reality.

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