Board Games Are Like Ice Cream Flavors

I’m not one to wax philosophical leading to fits of poetry. I can’t honestly remember the last poem I wrote but what the hell. This is going to suck…trust me.

Board Games Are Like Ice Cream Flavors
Some are simple, others wild
Some are loved, others reviled
Some are bland, others spicy
Some are hyped, others dicey
Some are gourmet, others without cream
Some are straight vanilla, others heavy with theme
Some are good with tea, others with pie
Some are good with coffee, but none with rye
Some are good in winter, others in the sun
Some are rather boring, others are quite fun
Some are for gobbling, other to savor
Some are more abstract, others rich in flavor
Some are heavy with bits, others nary a bump
Some are eaten often, others we’d much rather dump
Some are good for groups, others for solo play
Some are better when it’s dark, others for the day
Some are three in a box, others the same with each bite
Some are flat and uninviting, other stacked high are a sight
Some are quite taxing, others tedious to finish
Some are hard to get rid of, others you need to replenish
Some are best for repeated play, others you have to petition
Some are not to be surpassed, others need another edition
Some are good for kids, others with your honey
Some are quite cheap, others require lots of money
Some are painful when taken too quickly, others are safe if you’re stocky
Some are quite easy to swallow, others quite rocky
Some are about sugar and rum and nuts, others deal only with fruit
Some are exactly as described, others require changes to suit
Some are bought in a store, others are homemade with a crank
Some are best forgotten, others you discuss, compare, and rank
Some are good with more toppings, others without variation
Some are enjoyed in geographic regions, others all over the nation
Some are well known as a 31 flavor, others only to a small group
Some are evolved with a complex dimension, others still stuck in primordial soup
Some are riddled with nuts, others are plain and a bore
Some are rare and difficult to obtain, others are found in every store
Some are best taken in really small scoops, others with a really big spoon
But all are best enjoyed throughout the night when all can sleep ’til noon

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