Some Collection Cleanup

I spent some time this morning updating my library of games that I list on As it turns out I was missing a dozen or so games from the list that I’ve acquired in the last few months so I’ve straightened that out. In writing this I just remembered that I have a new game on the dining room table that I forgot about.

Unfortunately, the blog software that I use doesn’t like big “static” pages and I blew out the limit they impose forcing me to reformat my entire collection. As a side effect I’ve had to remove all of the textual items I’d placed next to each game leaving a highly compressed placeholder. It’s unfortunate but not a great loss given the bulk of the text was just a very simplistic view of what the game entails (a sentence or two) gleaned from BGG or other sources. I felt that it didn’t add much to the entry so I just left each entry as an image and the title linked to BGG. C’est la vie.

Feel free to send me email or if you know me, talk to me in person about any of these games or just gaming in general. I’m always willing to talk.

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