Just when you thought it was not going to happen

I received an email today from GameSurplus informing me that my order had shipped. I initially thought, “what order is that?” My Secret Santa gift had already shipped off to my BGG Target so what could it possibly…hold on a minute. Hold on just a cotton pickin’ minute!

Back in April I’d ordered several backordered games and after a couple of months of waiting I’d moved in-stock games off of the order and had them sent. On numerous occasions I thought of canceling the order but I really wanted the games.

Well, my horse came in and my copies of Galaxy Trucker (which has been in stock for a while now) and the real trouble maker Rails of Europe are making there way to Columbus. Yahoo!!!! I honestly thought with the revamp of the “Railroad Tycoon” line that the reprint of Rails of Europe would be scrapped but wouldn’t you know it…I’m going to get a copy. It’s still marked as backordered so I don’t know if Thor found a copy somewhere to just get my ancient order off his books. In any case, thanks GameSurplus!

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