B.O.B. BGG Chit Chat Super Not So Secret Santa Revealed

As it turns out…my super not so secret santa is Martin Wallace. However, he’s not really my secret santa. As Martin tells it, my request to purchase Tinners’ Trail was mistakenly filed under in the folder of the people that subscribed to a trifecta of gaming goodness: Tinners’ Trail, Steel Driver, and After the Flood. So, for the price of one game I’m getting all three (After the Flood is already on its way) and Martin has informed me to just keep them free of charge. However, he said I’d have to pay for any more I buy. Sheesh…what a grump! 🙂

Thanks Martin. That was very kind of you and I greatly appreciate your generosity.

Now I’m a little worried about my BGG Chit Chat Blatantly Obvious Barney Santa present now…it could be something I should open in a bomb-proof shelter. I hear there are all kinds of goofy random things being mailed around…

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