B.O.B. BGG Chit Chat

I joined the BGG Chit Chat forum’s Blatantly Obviously Barney (B.O.B.) Super Semi-Secret Santa Exchange a few weeks ago. After signing up, you get assigned a target and you purchase something for them and send it to them. Since we all kind of know a bit about each other from spending so much time around each other in the forums, you get a pretty good idea about what to get someone.

A gift arrived today and I can only assume it’s from my B.O.B. Santa. And…and I’m flabbergasted. It’s awesome. It’s stupendous. It’s a signed, in-shrink, copy of a Martin Wallace game called Steel Driver. It’s print number 60 out of the 1500 small print run. Steel Driver is a train-ish building game for 3-6 players lasting about an hour.

Although it’s supposed to be blatantly obvious who the Santa was, I’m without a clue. However, the timing could not have been more perfect. I’ve got a big game day/night scheduled soon and it would fit right into the group.

Thanks B.O.B.!

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