A Quick Session Report

The end of May is busy with my birthday (yeah 43!), Noah’s birthday (yeah 12!) and our wedding anniversay (yeah 22!) but we did manage to get in a couple of games recently.

Lisa, Noah, and I played Mission: Red Planet. That was the first time I’ve played it with three and the first time for Lisa and Noah. Lisa ran away with the win getting a few good resource draws in areas outside of my bonus card area which I was working hard to meet. I think I like the game with more people. It adds a bit more chaos and more contention on the planet.

The three of us also got in a play of Dos Rios. I received a copy from a BGG trade and it’s sat for almost 6 months. Noah and I really like the game despite the chaos of the river. You cannot play the game thinking that your campesinos are going to stay in the mountains for any length of time. You’ve got to play tactically and aggressively. The downtime during turns can be somewhat severe depending on who you play with but it didn’t seem to be a problem this go around. Noah and Lisa discussed a lot of their turns and in the end I got blocked out of a winning move and was left without an ability to block Noah’s subsequent move granting him the win.

That’s all I’ve got time for right now. I’ll be posting some summary results for the first month of Uberbadger.com and our latest designs. Thanks to the early adopters/customers, sales are pretty respectable for only being in business for such a short time. More on that later.

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