Tigris & Euphrates Nile Board Print Arrives

The print for the board of the ‘Nile’ 2-player variant of Tigris & Euphrates arrived today from CafePress. The custom large poster comes 23″ x 35″ but the board artwork prints only 17″ x 20″ centered. I trimmed the white border off the poster and I’d like to mount it but I think I’ll wait. I’m not satisfied with the color scheme.

The biggest change that I think I need to make is to adjust the hue of the river. I think it’s too green given the color of the blue tiles. Also, the board is relatively dark so I may make some minor adjustments to that as well. I must say, though, that the tiles do have a certain degree of visual pop making it easy to detect patterns without being hindered by the artwork.

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