BGG Is Down – Update

It looks like the storms in Texas may have brought down Board Game Geek. It’s been unavailable since some time during the night. It might prove problematic to get it back up and going in the near future because Aldie is here in Columbus at Alan Moon’s invitation only yearly “Gathering of Friends” for the next week or so. Aldie does a lot of hands on management of the equipment as his full-time job so it’s not like there are teams of people ensuring that the site is functioning properly.

Ah, well. If you were wishing to participate in my “name the game” contest I apologize. It’s bad timing but it’s out of my control. You could always browse the store and buy something while you wait for BGG to come back up :-).

Update: Aldie posted in Google Groups that he’s aware of what’s going on and it looks like it’s an ISP issue.

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