BGG Image Upload Binge

I was on a photography kick last night and set up a convoluted area in my basement where I thought I might be able to get some well lit shots using some strong work lights. My goal was to get some ideas for the Board Game Gift Shop but there were a few in there that I decided to upload to Board Game Geek.

On a side note, these photos kicked up my total BGG thumb count to 4000. Thanks!

After 27 shots at trying to time the drop of the cube(s) at the precise moment I finally captured an image that I felt had that je ne sais quoi that I was striving for. Dropping cubes in the castillo in El Grande not only gives you that feeling of hiding something from your opponents but it also gives the game the added tactile dimension of sound and motion.

Next up was this fairly straightforward image of the El Grande king and all his ‘men’. Each player uses a stockpile of cubes (caballeros) and strategically places them on the board in an attempt to garner dominance and therefore points during the various scoring opportunities throughout the game.

In this shot , from our cheapo Milton Bradley Yahtzee game, I was again looking for that moment of action and movement when the player is anticipating the outcome. Like the castillo shot above, it took numerous times to capture that moment. I’m particularly happy about the luck of the triple sixes in the image and if you’ll notice, you can just make out another six deep in the cup. I can almost hear the dice rattling on their way out…

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