Analog Game Night “Lite” – January 2008

In general, I don’t pay much attention to professional or college sports. I was, however, glad to hear that my alma mater pulled out a bowl win even if it was accomplished with a score rivalling some basketball games. Living in Columbus, Ohio I get soaked in The Ohio State scarlet and gray marinade on a daily basis and a little goes a long way. Yesterday the office was a sea of red jackets, shirts, and jerseys. The cafeteria staff were even wishing everyone a great time watching the game. We decided to hold a game night “light” to watch the big game while playing some lighter fare.

We arrived at Keith’s house for a semi-abbreviated gaming experience playing Samurai for the first 45 minutes and then we began watching “the game”. By halftime we’d pretty much determined that the Buckeyes were going to three-peat on losing national titles in only two years across two sports.

During the second half of the game we played Ticket to Ride Europe while half watching from the kitchen area. What a sad day for Tressel and his Buckeyes. I haven’t seen much black attire at work so far this morning but the mood is heavy and depressing.

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