Working at Thebes

I apologize for the ultra-crap-cam image but today was an official holiday (Veteran’s Day) for the employees of the location where I work. A small number of employees and many independent contractors work anyway so Rich, Jason, and I (all contractors) planned ahead and took a long lunch to play Thebes. All I had was my cellphone camera so you get what you get.

I still like the game but I’m starting to get the feeling that the strategy depth is pretty thin. On my last few plays, I’ve taken the exact approach to victory with comparable results by either winning or coming in very near the top. It seems to me that the luck of the card flips (both regular and exhibit) as well as the luck of the chit pulling from the bags will ultimately determine how well I do.

On my first few plays, I felt engaged the entire time but in this game, I felt like I was just going through the motions following a preset script. During those digging forays when I’d get out ahead on the time track by a few weeks I began losing focus and started noticing the downtime. Rich and Jason weren’t playing slowly either so that’s got me worried about replayability.


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