Coughing Up a List of Interesting Games

I maintain a list of games that cross my radar. There is an ebb and flow to the amount ofeffort I put into the list but some recent images from Essen have gotten me to scribble downsome items for further study. As you can see the list is barely formed, in no particular order,and has little to no data yet. Thought you might like to see what’s interesting me at themoment.

Name: Utopia
Category: Territory Building, City Building, Civilization
Mechanics: Commodity Speculation, Area Control, Area Movement, Area Enclosure, Card Drafting
Average Rating: 6.67
Avg. Game Weight: 4.00

Name: Antler Island
Category: Bluffing, Fighting, Humor, Animals
Mechanics: Simultaneous Action Selection
Average Rating: 6.94
Avg. Game Weight: 2.00

Name: The Circle
Category: N/A
Mechanics: N/A
Average Rating: 6.67
Avg. Game Weight: 4.00

Name: Amyitis
Category: N/A
Mechanics: N/A
Average Rating: 7.64
Avg. Game Weight: 3.80

Name: Cuba
Category: Transportation, Farming, Economic
Mechanics: Variable Player Powers, Voting, Hand Management
Average Rating: 7.84
Avg. Game Weight: 3.29

Name: Before the Wind
Category: Card Game
Mechanics: Pick-up and Deliver, Card Drafting
Average Rating: 7.22
Avg. Game Weight: 2.78

Name: Patrician
Category: Medieval
Mechanics: N/A
Average Rating: 6.85
Avg. Game Weight: 1.90

Name: Altamira
Category: Prehistoric, Animals
Mechanics: Area Movement, Set Collection
Average Rating: 7.00
Avg. Game Weight: N/A

Name: Vikings
Category: Economic
Mechanics: Tile Placement, Auction/Bidding
Average Rating: 7.38
Avg. Game Weight: 2.66

Name: Origo
Category: Medieval
Mechanics: Hand Management, Area Movement
Average Rating: 6.33
Avg. Game Weight: 2.40

Name: Eketorp
Category: Ancient, City Building, Bluffing
Mechanics: Hand Management, Simultaneous Action Selection, Secret Unit Deployment
Average Rating: 6.29
Avg. Game Weight: 2.75

Name: Ponte del Diavolo
Category: N/A
Mechanics: Tile Placement
Average Rating: 6.81
Avg. Game Weight: 2.23

Name: Hamburgum
Category: City Building, Medieval
Mechanics: Area Movement
Average Rating: 7.26
Avg. Game Weight: 3.08

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