Analog Game Night – Sept 2007

It was an extremely light night given the labor day holiday. We lost our host at the last minute but Rich stepped up to the plate and we were able to meet at his house for a couple three player games.

I brought Thebes that Noah and I had played earlier in the day. I set up the board and ran through the rules and Tim, Rich, I got to digging. Overall the game is pretty light and plays really quickly. There are a surprising number of decisions to make but none seem particularly devastating if you make a poor move. Both Tim and Rich liked the game and I’m hoping to bring it back to the table for more plays very soon.

With only three of us, I thought it a good time for Rich to bring out his copy of Nexus Ops. It’s a completely different style of game than we normally play and since we usually have more than three or four, it was going to be now or never.

Tim wasn’t fond of the random nature of battles preferring a more cerebral reason for losing position rather than the luck of the die. I enjoy the randomness of the battle and get a kick out of the gummi-style bits and the light play. It’s not something I’d like to play all of the time but when you’re in the mood, not much scratches the itch like Nexus Ops.

Thanks Rich for hosting on quick notice.

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