Cabin Con – 2007

I’m organizing a weekend (Fri-Sun) “cabin-con” at Lake Hope State Park in a few weeksfor my gaming group and for several people (gamers and non-gamers) I work with. It’s mostly a chance forus to just hang out together in a relaxed environment, away from the hustle andbustle of family, kids, telephone, and television, and to have a chance to kickback with a beer or two and play some games.

We’ve done this once before but it was organized as a surprise for my 40thbirthday and we had a blast. That time I didn’t have to organize a thing but this time I’ve got to get my ducks in a row. So, today I started looking through my game shelf trying to decide what games to take. There’s not room for everything, unfortunately, but I have managed to whittle it down to twenty games. Twenty is probably too many but I want to provide a good selection (there will be other games brought by others as well).

So, here’s the short list (or long depending on your perspective).

Amun-ReOne of my favorites but I’m not sure it will get played due to it’s length and the availability of other games. It plays best with six and we’ll have many more than that so the opportunity is there for a great game but I’ll just have to see how it goes.

Bison: Thunder on the PrairieA recently new title that I’ve only played once but enjoyed quite a bit. I performed poorly on my first play so I’ve got a burning desire to redeem myself in another play.

Carolus MagnusMy all time favorite three player game. I’ve read on more than one occasion that the third player is an eventual kingmaker which I can understand I suppose. However, I don’t believe it’s any more of an issue than any it is in any other three player game. I view the game as an amazing effort by Leo Colovini.

CaylusI must admit that I’ve never played this title and now is my chance. Caylus was, at one time, thought to be the game that would topple Puerto Rico from the top spot at BGG but it’s now 4th after Tigris and Euphrates and Power Grid.

For SaleI always like to have a good filler while waiting for another game to break up, waiting for dinner, or just to let the brain relax.

FjordsAnother one of my recent titles. I wanted to have a light two-player game in case there ever were a couple of people waiting for another table to break up. I also thought that since there would be a few non-gamers coming to the event, it would be a good idea to offer some simpler games they might want to pick up to play with their families and/or spouses.

Hammer of the ScotsAnother recent addition to my collection but I haven’t had a chance to play yet. The weekend is going to be one of my best chances to get this to the table.

KretaI’ve tried a few times to get this to the table during our normal gaming events but we either have more than four or something else got played. I’m really going to push to get this one to the table.

ManilaA lighter offering that we have played in our normal game nights. I’m pretty sure this will see the table some time during the weekend.

MasonsI’ve only played this over lunch at work once and found it engaging enough. It seems like it’s pretty light. So much so that I suspect it will see the table in much the same capacity as For Sale.

MesopotamiaWe played this once at a regular game night and I think we all liked it. As it turns out we all could have “won” on the last turn but Ken was the first one to bring his last chip to the temple. Having it be so close throughout the entire game made for some great competition. I’m looking forward to more plays of this, especially since I’ve got replacement rocks from my trip to New Zealand

Power GridThis game is the bane of our group. On two attempts, we’ve never been able to finish a full game. Both games lasted forever due to our slow play and the time ran too late for people to feel like they could get up for work the next day. If we’re ever going to finish a game, well this is the time to do it.

RaAnother light game we’ve played in our normal game night. I suspect some of the newer players will like this one as well. Play moves quickly although the scoring can be somewhat confusing at times. Auction games are a little harder for new players to pick up since you’re never really sure what’s worth bidding on and for how much but even when you don’t, this game can be fun to play.

Reef EncounterOne of my favorites although I’ve only been able to play a few times. We played once in my normal group and I think most found it moderately interesting. I’d like to play it again with some newer players to explore their reaction.

TaluvaA recent title that I’ve enjoyed playing quite a bit. Taluva is quickly rising as one of my favorites but I have a nagging suspicion that it will flame out and drop quickly as the tactics grow old (i.e. Carcassonne). However, for now, I’m enjoying it and want to get it to the table.

Thurn & TaxisI like T&T but I’m bringing it mainly for others to play. We’ll have a large contingent of non-gamers willing to see what this boardgaming thing is all about and this game is easy enough to learn that I think they’ll like it.

TichuI’ve only ever played this once and frankly, I sucked. The teacher was horrible and everyone else had played before. I felt like I was holding up the game, I felt hesitant to ask too many questions, and I felt bad about my poor plays that everyone felt I was making (e.g. what an idiot!). In any case, I can see the fun in the game and would like to introduce it to the group.

The rule set that comes with the game is horrible. It makes the game sound like it’s very complex but it seems like it’s not much more difficult than euchre, rook, or any other common trick taking game.

Tigris and EuphratesCan you go to an event like this and not have this in the game cabinet?

Tikal…or this?

TriasAnother recent title that I’ve only played as a two player game. The official two-player rules stink to high heaven but the BGG variant where each player plays two colors isn’t half bad. I’d like to get this to the table with four or five real players and see how it goes.

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