Aw-shucks…Golly Gee Whillikers

I don’t pretend to be a good photographer but I apparently play a mediocre one on BGG.

It is a little geeky I admit, but I’m flattered that I’ve beenadded as #46 to the geeklist titled The Top BGG Photographers: Nominees for the Hall of Fame for the images in my BGG image portfolio.It comes as somewhat of a sweet time in that I recently uploaded my 100th image to BGG and that image waschosen as the ‘game’ for my geeklist entry.

Boardgaming is quite a niche hobby but boardgamephotography is most likely sharing the bottom of the barrel with tapestry weaving on your own personal loom. In any event, I’m tickled about the nomination sinceI do enjoy photographing games as strange as it sounds.

Thank you EndersGame for recognizingmy image submissions and I hope I can live up to the high standards on my future submissions.

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