AGN Feb 2006

We held our February installment of Analog Game Night (AGN) at Keith’s house last night. Thanks for hosting Keith. Images of AGN Feb 2006 can be found in the gallery.

Our first game of the evening was Rich’s copy of Elfenland designed by Alan Moon. I like the game well enough but I stink so bad at it. I never seem to have the cards I need at the time I need them. Tonight I kept having large numbers of the same card without the abiity to draw the right chips/tokens to make them useful for the terrains I needed to traverse. Maybe next time I can at least beat Paul.

Next up was I’m the Boss (also known as Kohle, Kies & Knete) designed by Sid Sackson. Keith owns the German version and recently picked up the English reprint so this was our first stab at the game. The game is a completely new style of player interaction than we’re used to in our group but I think it worked out pretty well. There is tons of backstabbing and simultaneous deal making and breaking. We had lots of laughs and I’m sure we’ll play again. In a highly competitive environment I’m not sure it would work very well, but in our group we did pretty well. You can listen in on a bit of the interaction if you want.

Our last game was Glory to Rome designed by Carl Chudyk from Cambridge Games Factory. It was our first play and we didn’t start until around 11pm. My plan is to review this game after a few more plays but the initial feedback is that it feels like there is a good game hidden in there but there are some odd vibes. More on Glory to Rome as I play more.

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