Memoir ’44 – Toulon –or– I’m getting crushed!

Lisa took Sophie to piano lessons so Noah and I broke out Memoir ’44 and played the Toulon – Campaign for Southern France scenario (first assult wave August 20-26 1944).

I played the Axis side and Noah took firm control of the Allied troops including 1 ranger and 1 commando unit of special forces and, count them, 4 tank units. Within the first few moves Noah was able to remove my artillery unit with a lucky shot from some advancing tanks. This destroyed any hope I had of securing my right flank.

On Noah’s right he advanced infantry and both tank units up over the hills and into the trees. We battles for ground on his right flank but I was eventually destroyed by the advancing tanks.

It got too late to finish and we let it sit until tomorrow but the game currently stands at 5 medals to 3 and I’m starting to shrink into my center. I still hold the high ground just south of Toulon and the city itself and I have a two wounded units in the city of Hyeres but they’re isolated. I have a “Dig In” command card so hopefully I’ll be able to sand bag my positions in the cities and keep the high ground to the south.

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