Metro – by Dirk Henn

Lisa was at a parent orientation for the preschool she teaches at so the kids and I played Noah’s choice this time: Metro a light tile-laying game.

In Metro, each player is attempting to create a long subway/metro track in front of their colored cars to connect each car to a station. The more tiles your track covers the more points you get. If you connect to a station in the middle of the board, you double your points.

Each track tile contains a spaghetti mess of eight tracks that when laid connect all eight tracks that can possibly reach that tile (no tile is unplayable). Track tiles curve the track [tight] left, [tight] right, straight, or sometimes doubles back on the adjacent tile. At game end, all tiles are laid, all cars have been connected to some station, and points get awarded to each player for all of their cars.

Dirk Henn designed the game in addition to Alhambra; another game we really enjoy.

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