Monopoly gets a facelift?! Oh please….

I ran across a recent article that cited facts concerning new/updated versions of Monopoly. Parker Brothers has revamped many of the non-US versions by increasing the denomination of the money, modifying the real estate on the board, and giving the tokens a fresh and up to date look. For example, they’ve replaced the boot with a roller blade! Wow, that ought to make the game play more intense…

Monopoly was invented in the United States but, with its competitive, capitalist ethos, soon caught on around the world. It is now licensed or sold in 80 countries and printed in 32 languages including Hindi, Icelandic and Catalan. Parker say that since it was launched, some 200 million Monopoly sets have been sold worldwide and the game has been played by an estimated 500 million people.

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It’s a really sad state of affairs that Monopoly still dominates the market because the game totally stinks when compared against “eurogames”. Hasbro and Parker Brothers have completely warped the minds of most kids and parents in the US into thinking that Monopoly, Battleship, Twister, Sorry, and Clue are the only games worth selling and playing.

For a taste of some really great games that you can get if you look past the old standbys clogging the shelves, take a look in my game cabinet or the games we play during Game Night. And for your browsing pleasure, jump over to The Geek.

Don’t spend your money on the lame games. Instead, spend it on some games that you will enjoy playing as much as (if not more than) your children. Boardgames are cool so take some time out of your hectic day and just try to beat your 9 or 11 year old….I dare you.

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