Analog Game Weekend 2005

Months ago I hatched the idea of having a gaming weekend for our AnalogGame Group but the idea kind of fizzled. Rich secretly brought the idea back tolife and scheduled, with the help of Lisa, a gaming weekend (dubbed theAnalog Game Weekend – AGW.) and they worked to make it a surprise for my 40th birthday.

When I got home Friday night, my gaming group was standing in my livingroom, Lisa had packed my bags and my group threw me in the car and weall caravaned to Deer Creek State Parkfor an entire weekend devoted to Analog Board Gaming!

It was a fantastic weekend and I’d love to make it an annual event. Besides the 2 tons of food we dragged down there, we all contributed games tothe cause. Lisa had surprised me with a game order that included:

I think this is a comprehensive list of the games that we playedover the weekend by one gaming table or another.

Pictures for Analog Game Weekend – AGW are also available in the Photo Gallery.

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