This is your brain on games…any questions?

My recent game order included two copies of Category 5. This is the retooled US version of 6-Nimmt which we’ve played numerous times in the Analog Game Night group and with family and friends. A copy of each game was destined for Sophie’s and Noah’s classrooms at Indianola Alternative Elementary.

Noah’s teacher is always looking for inventive ways to teach math and this game has really hit the spot. Here are Sarah’s comments:

We are using the game as a math menu choice because it is getting the children to practice the order of numbers and will help to build number sense.

It is great because the children are helping each other recognize if the number card they chose will work because it is “larger” than the cards laying in the middle. Joushua, for instance, was confused for awhile but got the hang of it once he played the game the second time.At the end of the game, they are also grouping the cards into similar groups so that the counting is easier. also a number sense builder!!! For example fives are easier to count when they are together. Then by 2s and finally one by one.

Thanks for the great game idea!!! I am always looking for games that get kids to manipulate numbers, group together numbers for adding, and that are challenging and fun. Thanks for the game!!!

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