January Game Night – 2005

We gathered at Rich’s house for the January installment of Analog Game Night. This month we played Fluxx and Mexica. Fluxx is a card game that’s extremely simple to start playing but difficult to keep track of when your turn is over. Ken loved the complete lack of randomness of the game and the level of satisfaction one gets from a strong, well thought out strategy.

Mexica is a game of turn angst interspersed with long periods of extreme boredom. The ability to place bridges, canals, Calpulli Tiles, buildings, and your Mexica…at strategic locations of course, make your turn interesting while you’re taking it but almost sickeningly tedious to others. I think the best aspect of the game is how the board looks when you’re done.

There is a noteworthy item to point out to faithful readers of this blog…you will not see any “Sleepy Rich” pictures this month. This time, Rich was behind the camera. I wonder if his eyes close every time he takes a picture as well as when a picture of him is taken?

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